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Singing in the rain

So, the prof who gave me my First Computer Job back in the Dark Ages is retiring.

His Brilliant Plan (because he's a medievalist and that's How We Roll) is to gather a group of people and go serenade various campus entities who have helped him out over the years. Starting with the librarians, which IMO is Totally Awesome.

Since I'm working a contract and more or less have my deadlines in order, I am taking the day off to join these shenanigans.

The hitch in this getalong is that it might rain. In Davis. In June. When it is more likely to be 100 F and dry as the proverbial bone.

But I'll be there. I'm looking for my bright pink umbrella to go with my spiffy black-and-white paisley ensemble.
Jane is fierce

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous, and happy 2010.

I didn't do "year in review" things. (My short synopsis was that my health got better, Obama is president, and I finally got on Facebook -GOOD, but I got laid off and too many people I love died, which bites.) I also was not keen on the idea of "decade in review" because I started off 2000 (after the go-go-go of Y2k prep) basically having a nervous breakdown, although it does lend perspective to my current "meh" state. ("HEY! I'm not being screamed at, at home and at work!")

I need some advice from the camera-savvy on my list! My digicam seems to be dying - it worked fine in June, but when I found it again in the fall, its screen is streaky even after I put the newly charged batteries in. I have some Amazon.com gift cards (which I bought by pouring my change into a Coinstar machine - thank you Margaret for that tip) so I'm thinking it's time to get a new one.

I take "group shots", pix of my cats, landscape shots, and like taking photos of my food, so something with a good short-range capacity would be ideal.

If I can reuse anything from my Canon S410 Powershot, so much the better.

Ideal Price range: under 300 (I had a LOT of change and I've found more!)

Thanks folks.
Jane is fierce

A peaceful and joyous holiday to you all

I've been able to read LJ but haven't been posting. The sort version is that after "close but no banana" on a couple of excellent jobs in November, I got visited by the Good Temp Job Fairy in early December. Job is in San Jose, so the commute combined with the run up to Big December Events has been taking it out of me. (Family Christmas has been mellow in comparision with Church Pre-Christmas Blowouts.)

It is short term but the boss likes me enough that I feel I have Prospects. And the market seems to be ticking up, Deo gratias.

I know a lot of you are going through rough times, doubly rough because you are in bad straits right now and/or have Utterly Fucked Up Family of Origin issues. Know that, even if I am not very communicado, that you are all in my heart. I feel blessed to know all of you and wish all of you a healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and joyous New Year.

Jane is fierce

job hunt trudge

Did not get the NOC job I did a lot of interviewing for.

Still in process some other places. Today seemed to be "Recruiters call Charlotte" day. Also, replacement EDD form is en route - lost one, and they don't answer their phones, but a "mail us" form on their website worked just fine.

I have an in-person at 9:15 in SF tomorrow. Prayers for timely rising and commuting and good talking appreciated.
Jane is fierce

Schedule swapping

Interview last night did not happen. Just got a call from agent saying that a reprise tonight at 8 pm might not happen either because of interviewer availability. Obviously they need someone ;).

I am reshuffling all the deck chairs around here. I am running a temperature (this is more like a hot flush than a fever). I took a hot epsom salt bath and wrapped up in a blanket, but I am still a bit sweaty. I think this is a herx reaction from an antifungal supplement I took, but it could be the aporkalypse, so I am behaving myself. No hospital visits (especially not the cancer ward, Lord have mercy). No making cookies or similar with sweet old ladies. Gave church people heads-up that I might bag on all my activities this weekend. Also found out a memorial for an RFC pal is on Saturday, during the time I would be normally supervising sandwich making. If I am sufficiently fever free I will go to that, then home to sleep it off.

(Of your mercy, please pray for the repose of Leila's soul, and the comfort of her husband and two young sons. And always remember that tabbouli is a parsley salad, not a grain one. Or she will haunt you.)
Jane is fierce

Phone interview

for a Desireable Job at 8 pm Pacific. I am a bit technically short for this particular job (it's a new version of what I've been working with all along, but the specifics are different) so special prayers (or whatever you do to offer to the tech gods) requested.

At a couple of interviews, I seem to have been unprepared for certain types of questions. Am trying to think ahead on this.

Also learned that I was still a leading candidate for another job.
coffee in the rain


It is raining in California, a straight rain
Cleaning the heavy oranges on the bough,
Filling the gardens till the gardens flow,
Shining the olives, tiling the gleaming tile,
Waxing the dark camellia leaves more green,
Flooding the daylong valleys like the Nile.

Karl Shapiro, "California Winter"

One small compensation of being unemployed is that I don't have to go out in it.