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Sunday evening ramblings

In my cleanup efforts today (Operation Reclaim the Back Bedroom and Operation Deal with the Paperwork), I did find an invite from the neighbors to their party, and a "please talk to us if you are upset" request. So I'm less crabby about that.

Busy week last week - was out Monday, Weds, and Thurs. Spent Tuesday evening listening to All-Stars; Maggie was on my lap when Ichiro put the AL ahead, so I remained still until the last out, despite my need to empty my bladder.

Maggie seems to be recovering from the worst of her flea-allergy itching. Her bald spots are growing hair, and she can tolerate some grooming. I've been feeding her (and, necessarily, Lucy) Trader Joe's canned cat food and there is no schnubbing of that food going on, so she is not so skinny. (As I note when she thinks she wants to sleep on my side.)

Very tired from all the driving. Got fed lasagna, ceasar salad, and garlic bread on Thursday night (none of which I helped prepare - hah), got pleasantly buzzed on the Two-Buck Chuck, and slept like a rock afterwards. Had some great sausage and wine casa ayse on Saturday, along with the first bread salad of the season. (Ayse had said she had a dream about it; that was a sign.)

Fairly mellow at church today - I was doing altar guild, but someone else covered 8 am, so I got to have a short lie-in and a refreshing shower. On an impulse, I bought some Avalon Organics shower gel last I was at a Trader Joe's; it was a good choice, as it made my skin stop feeling itchy and scratchy. Now if I could only persuade Maggie to sit still for it ;).

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