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For sfbayarea types only

If any of you locals are available some time this Saturday afternoon/early evening and would be willing to help out with the monthly Feeding of the Multitudes exercise, I'd be grateful, as we look to be rather shortish of volunteers. I am at least thankful that I know it going in, as the entree is going to be chosen with high regard to minimal prep.

(To top it off, a wedding has been scheduled for serving time - so a couple of my volunteers will be peeled off for grounds patrol. OY.)

Non-cooks also welcome - we have lunches to pack, tables to set, coffee to pour, that sort of thing!

setup is 1:30 to 3:30ish (or, when we're done)

serving is 4:30 until 6-6:30ish

location is downtown Berkeley (right across from campus)
we have parking and are very close to BART/bus

comment if you are interested and want more info
or email me on my yahoo account

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