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In other news, I am not dead.

It's been an intense week on much of the f-list. elissaann has been dealing with loss, poor sogwife lost her sweet kitty, and serenejournal's sweetie has been in and out (mostly in) of the hospital. Even something like themagdalen and idasusan's return from their English choir tour turned into OMG DRAMA ... delays on the ground in Philly meant that their original 7:19 pm arrival ("Not that I'm counting the minutes" - mr. themags on Thursday night) turned into Two. Thirty. In. The. Freaking. Morning.

Elissa arrived Friday and we went and saw the delightful "Waitress" at the Cerrito Speakeasy, with dinner (there - how highly civilized) and Bake Sale Betty's pie afterwards.

Lucy hid for much of the weekend and drew blood (my knuckles are still swollen) a couple of times when I tried to prevent this. On the other hand, Maggie loooooves Elissa, and enjoyed Lucy's non-presence - she was quite the little frisk.

I showed up slightly late at church this morning (after the first hymn) because I was scooping chocolate truffles and making last-minute outfit change decisions. During the peace, idasusan came up to me and said "I am SO glad you are not dead!" I was a bit puzzled by this, but all became clear at coffee hour when someone else came up and said the same thing - "I saw that in the bulletin". What had happened was that I had put Elissa's mom on the death list, and my name immediately followed hers. The customary phrase "friend of" had been left out. Some people sussed the "thinko" as my name was in regular, not boldface type (also as per local custom). But oooooops.

So, I'm still alive, and I had a delightful weekend hanging out with Elissa, and I send my love to all of you.

Slightly bittersweet moment as I learned that this was the last Sunday in California for katesma, Katespa, and Kate. A was getting her baby fix in (baby-grabbing being one of her superpowers) and B The Peach was snoozing most adorably in her arms. I will miss them outrageously but wish all good things for them in their new home. Kate has already requested that I come visit her for her birthday. I am definitely hoping to visit - Eugene's an eight hour drive under good conditions, and a gorgeous one at that.
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