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I've got a little list

I promise a real update some time real soon, but this is one of my Lits of Things To Do This Weekend so I don't forget it.

At work I keep a Word document constantly updated (and print it out daily) but no go here. (The word doc has "to do" and "done" sections. I cut and paste the lines.)

it's behind the cut.

Send off the taxes after a bazillion years (#1 sat task after food and gasoline acquisition)
check with tax guy to see if I paid him
Flea-treat the cats
Buy ant killer stuff for the kitchen
Buy kitchen trash bags
Pay mortgage, water, electric online
Pay home insurance policy
Add credit card account to online banking
send out hot meals reports via email - mention need for first shift dining room training and need to reserve bread with Chef Gary
send out email asking for altar guild coverage 8/19 (after checking with Mom to see if Rick's plans have changed, yet again)
submit hot meals bills to church (sun)
return card/key to church (sun)
Personal laundry - clothes 1 - RASSMFRASSM DYE TRANSFER. GRRR. FARMGIRL SMASH. update: so far so good on recovery Non-chlorine bleach and 20 Mule Team Borax FOR THE WIN!
Personal laundry - clothes 2
Personal laundry - sheets and towels
Church laundry
Order new jeans and chinos from Land's End
Collect drycleaning and put in the car
Gas the car
see if local indy bookstore has the Tartine cookbook - black oak no, try moe's after church Sun yay Moe's!
box up zappo's shoes for return
take out the trash
shop for summer work shoes online
Cheese Borg for muffins, feta, olives*2, parm
Go to the farmer's market and buy peaches from Shuna and more tomatoes
Raspberry Truffles
Bread salad with the leftover bread? can't find bread
call Kim to see if she's at church tomorrow (for bread salad)
PB Cookies?
Shower finally
Pedicure??? Next sat or evening this week, for sure
call salon for wax appointment
keep on cleaning out the dregs of the fridge
oil check the car
deadhead the rosebushes - gonna wait for a warmer day
clear out the back passenger seats
make some peach crisp
put all the checks in the bank
call Mom and Dad
go to Ayse's house for din-dins (YAY)
make something veggie-filled and lunch-suitable for next week

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