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California dreamin'

... on such a wintry day. The sun never came out here in the fogbelt. I don't want to clean and I don't feel like cooking either (surprise, as I was all set to).

I have some software to install on my computer, but I am avoiding it too. I have to find my token (I think I know where it is).

I did do some Retail Therapy - t-shirts from L. L. Bean in a color which I hope is close to my now sadly ratty fuschia t (must remember to get some purple bias tape at Stonemountain to repair it), shoes from

The week has been busy. I have been following most of the Democratic Convention coverage with bated breath (much to like in what I heard; Clinton is still a rock star, but there were some other high moments that made me utterly swell with patriotic pride, no lie) and it has been hoppin' at work. I also seemed to have some allergy that sapped my strength (woke up Thursday as Sneezy and Snotty, the Allergy Dwarves).

I have been reading a lot in the evening; the sheer horror of the true-crime story in The Devil in the White City caused me to wish to retreat to fluff. I happily found Eat Cake, a story of a woman who finds her "happy place" in the center of a bundt cake (not chocolate, I was pleased to note) and bakes "cakes with soul" to relieve stress. I could relate, although my stress-relief cooking was soup the last time I went through a binge.

I also have been strongly tempted to go back to Borders and buy more books, as they are offering a discount on CDs with regular priced books. I did get two things that were on my CD wish list and am eyeing the opportunity to do more. ayse has mentioned shuffling off to Telegraph, though, so might blow my wad at Amoeba instead.

I am somewhat at somewhat loose ends today. At least I don't have to work tomorrow, so I can actually go to church.

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