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Tricks for old and new dogs

I have been a bit overscheduled lately. I have the evening off tonight. I am contemplating what to do. I have some phone calls to make re churchy stuff but am considering a nice early evening snoooozing.

The commute has been a little easier since I discovered that Ashby Avenue was not bad in the direction I'm going. The idea of Ashby making a trip *less* hassle still makes me go "huh" to a degree - Ashby is notorious for being a PITA to drive - but I'm getting used to it.

The temptation to stop by my favorite ice cream shop is strong, as I pass about a quarter block away from it. But my motivation to not bust out of my pants is also very strong ;). I did stop today, as some of the featured stupid in stupid_free involved someone totally losing her shit at a Cold Stone Creamery and I wanted a waffle cone, dammit. I've been trying to make up excuses to go back since I had chicory ice cream after our shipmeet dinner at La Med on Tuesday; that was amazingly good. It would have been my first repeat if they'd had it, but they didn't, so I dealt. I had a cardamom-candied orange peel that was very, very good. Not as completely awesome as the chicory or the blackberry-plum I had the first time I was there, but quite tasty.

I sat in front of baby Benjamin and his mama on Sunday (missing katesma as I did - "her" pew). I am good at tuning out distractions, but the Cute Force is very strong with Benjamin. His new trick is that he can "chin-up" on the backs of the pews without mom/dad supporting him. It's an inspiration to see someone learning all the time; I seem to be in a "learn, grow, and share" period myself.

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