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so NOT getting a good feeling about this

This is one of the weekends those who live or have any business around campus dread - MOVE-IN WEEKEND. Traffic funkiness, which has more or less taken the summer off, returns with a vengeance.

I pulled into the church lot with the bread for Hot Meals at about 9:30. It was full except for the church marked spots. Someone who came in after me parked in one of the reserved church spots and walked out. I was in a clearly marked "visitors and volunteers only" spot and there was "hovering" when I went to the car - "you gonna leave?". It took me a while to pull out of the spot due to three people entering through the Ellsworth exit (wrong way) and blocking my way out. When I finally got out, a flustered middleaged woman in a family-style car was trying to turn in. I waved "NO" at her.

I have volunteers coming in cars, some from large distances, for Hot Meals. I hope these people clear out by the time my volunteers show.

Nothing on the church calendar. Obviously the parking contractor, who will have someone onsite for big events and reserve spots for the volunteers, has missed an opportunity to charge up the wazoo. I couldn't find the cones to cone off the church spots.

We will deal. We always do. I don't remember such a hoohah last August, though. And I hate having parking hassles for the volunteers. Time to rattle cages with the property committee.

ETA: The attendant showed up around 12:30 and double-parked people as necessary until the other cars cleared out (3 pm-ish). So it did work out. A number of people on the tenants committee were there and saw the jam. The lot was clearing out when I left at about 6 and was back to its Sunday self in the morning.

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