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Busy bakers, etc.

Even though I feel like a big slug, I have managed to accomplish a few things:

- Cheese Borg run for muffins and bread
- blueberries I had wanted to use in buckle were off, so got more at the Produce Center
- listened to Wait Wait
- plumped raisins for banana bread
- made struesel for buckle
- Farmer's Market run for cherry toms, peaches (got a "10# for $10" deal at Woodleaf Farm - oh yeah baby. Those are Finest Kind peaches, and I know peaches), grapes for coffee hour, and basil and juice for me
- Made brownies
- first dishwasher run
- pulled out bananas to thaw

soon I will do the following:

- go to we be checks and shit and get a money order for my latest ebay transaction
- call my coffee hour partner and remind him to show up
- get eggs, milk, cheddar at country cheese
- make the first round of pb cup cookies

later this evening:
-banana bread
-blueberry buckle
- more pb cup cookies
- drop off produce and brownies (and whatever else is done by then) at church so I don't have to deal with loading the car in the am (eta: and the peaches don't ferment in the car)

At that point it will be "wake up early enough to take a shower".

Much more cleaning to do in the house as the housekeepers are coming Monday am, but it should be very manageable tomorrow, and I can do some of it tonight while the goods are baking or tomorrow when I'm waiting for my hair to dry.

ETA: All accomplished at 8 pm, plus more (mailed off ebay thing, got take-out from Eat a Pita, started laundry) except for the buckle, because I forgot to put the butter out to soften. (My space-out, as the other items required melted butter/marg.) I will wash the berries and let them air dry after I finish my glass of wine and my mini-Internet break.

Second round of PB cup cookies will wait for the AM. Having the extra supply of mini-cup pans is great. When I do them, I tend to go in Production Mode.

ETA 2: Buckle smells great. Cookies taste good. Second glass of wine. Bed now.
Tags: baking, church, food, lists

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