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My favorite ice cream shop is one year old today, so was handing out free scoops to all comers. Guess where I stopped after work this evening. (caramel cashew NOM NOM NOM). I had brain sproing and a bit of a headache going on from work, so it helped immensely. Another patron and I sang "Happy Birthday" while the boss lady was out in front.

I am glad that we have had a couple of slightly cooler days here. I spent most of Sat. and Sun. afternoon sleeping. It was Too Farking Hot To Do Anything. The new Clarks sandals have come through with flying colors - I wore them all week, and while I was a little uncomfy by Sunday (I took them off in the nice carpeted chapel), they did very well. My feet are glad that it was cool enough to wear socks yesterday and today.

It is going to be hot again tomorrow, though, because it's 7:30 pm and there is not the slightest hint of the trees rustling in the ocean breeze.
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