Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Today's Hero of the Revolution

A title bestowed upon me by themagdalen, for baby-wrangling with distinction during the 8 am service.

Ms. Mags and the Rev Mr. Mags did the 8 am service today - he presided and preached, and she was the licensed lay assistant. I heard about this yesterday when Mags and Mr. Benjamin Baby visited yesterday.

Mags was somewhat unaware when she took this gig that the 8 am assistant job does more than at 10 am (leads the psalm, leads the prayers, takes the offering, stands with the priest during the eucharistic prayer).

I rolled in about five to eight (showered, caffienated, fed) and got handed Benjamin. I handed him to his mom a couple of times, but during the Creed, he started fussing. I didn't want to keep handing him back, and he was getting loud, so we went for WALKIES in the church. He quieted waaaaay down - he recognizes the space. And he likes the bouncing and movement. When we went back, he didn't have as much to say ;). (I guessed right! It worked!)

I managed to not trip on the steps to the rail balancing the lil' half-pint and the lion toy on one side. I even had a free hand with which to take communion. That was my other accomplishment.

Also - Land's End stretch jeans for the win. Definitely helped with the freedom of motion thing.

After the service, the rest of the village started arriving and cooing at him. He was in a pretty good mood by then.

I'm still boggling how this baby makes me want to hold and schnorgle him, when I am usually just content to make silly faces, kissy noises, and peekaboos at bebes without gettin' my hands on them.
Tags: church, friends, squee at the cute

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