Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Notes from yesterday evening

Note to the hipsters waiting to cross the street to eat at Piazzolo: do NOT stand in the crosswalk at the intersection. That’s what the sidewalk is for. There’s a signal there. Push the button and stand on the sidewalk so the rest of us can get into that parking lot that you no doubt just came out of. Dickwads.

Note to the special snowflakes in front of me at the Walgreen’s drive-up window: If you require lengthy consultation with the pharmacist/pharmacy tech, it is best to park the car and go to the window *inside*.

Note to self: next time leave enough room in the line to maneuver out, park the car, and go inside if necessary.

Note to the people in the car behind me: you did that. Props.

Note to my cell phone: this hide-and-seek game is driving me nuts.

Note to church compadre: thank you for calling me when you did, I found out where the phone was. I swear I looked there.

Note to the driver in front of me at Children’s Hospital: Yes, that is a police barricade. No, nobody can proceed north on MLK. Our choices (from our vantage point on 52nd) are Turn Left or Go Forward. You made the choice to Go Forward. Continue to go forward and do not STOP IN THE INTERSECTION to figure out what to do from here, or rubberneck at the action.

Note to Maggie: yes, you are a sweet kitty, and I’m glad that the neighbors think so. The lady who delivers the mail loves you too.

Note to Lucy: Peeing on the red chair instead of in your Nice Clean Box is not, I repeat, NOT an appropriate way to greet me. It makes me very, very sad. :((((((( Especially when I have been waiting behind special snowflakes at the Walgreen’s drive-through for 45 minutes wishing I could be with my kitties.
Tags: diary, peeves

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