Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Inspired by Ms. Mags

today's tasks:

* make meatball-minestrone soup for church meeting - done and leftovers. yum.

* unload and reload dishwasher - done

* polish brass at the church - done

* take important bills to post office to be mailed - done

* laundry - first load done

* shopping for bread and veggies, go to bank - done

* have a nap with Lucy in the winter sun Scratched in favor of "gas car, pick up meds". That last took a while due to people wishing to have long consultations in the drive-in line (I learned my lesson from the last time, but still had to wait indoors)

* read through church history lessons

* go thru stored paperwork and try to find car registration

* sort out new credit card so I can get rest of Giftmas shopping done

* pay bills online

* pack up packages for Meg and other people

* contact Xtina about the qat, let E know the details

* bake squash and make corn muffins for dinner - done

* unload and reload dishwasher again

* try to not get too wrapped up in flaming people on LJ and the Ship -ok

In other news, the Month-Plus Death Cold may finally be breaking up ... felt my sinuses draining yesterday. The leftover chicken soup will, I hope, encourage this.
Tags: dailiness, food, lists

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