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Runnin' on my rims

Well, I was glad that I decided to head homewards (with a quick stop at the gas station, because I was getting to the "running on fumes" stage) after the farmer's market instead of going up to Cheese Borg and completing le shopping. I was COLD - the clear sky was deceptive. I hurried through the market thinking "I would be a lot happier if I had my hat, my gloves, or another layer".

Because I heard a FLAP-FLAP-FLAP as I was proceeding down Bancroft. A parking spot providentially appeared and I pulled over. Flat tire.

Also providentially, the wind died down on my walk the rest of the way home.

I went back to the car at 3 (after a quick check to see if I had paid my AAA membership - no, but that got fixed, and a trip to the PO to pick up a package), cleared out the trunk, and AAA was sooner than promised. I got to Cheese Borg and to Produce Center for milk. I considered stopping at Saul's Latke Booth but decided to get dinner instead because I was just plumb tuckered out from all the walking (nice day for it - yes, I did add a layer).

I made my way to Fatapple's, thinking I would have a burger and fries, but ended up eating their "Apple Salad" - chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, beets, blue cheese, and BACON. I think the only thing that would possibly make this salad better is walnuts or pecans. I had a glass of wine. I had some Harvest Pie (non-sweet apples+cranberry with walnut struesel). I feel content. And lucky the tire didn't go on a rainy day, or a long way from home.

I'm home, and safe, and warm, and fed. But man, I'm tired. Early night for me.
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