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Adjusting in ...

to my unplanned No-Family Christmas downtime. Which I seem to have needed MAJOR LEAGUE, BIG TIME.

It's a gorgeous winter day - should remember to take a walk, it's perfect weather.

Other exciting projects are:

clear off the bed
dishes (clean up last of the baking frenzy)

before I indulge in a nap, viewing of the Serenity DVDs I borrowed from cat_herder ("I'll be in my bunk", indeed) and desultory thinking about moseying over to the church for the festivities.

(Interestingly enough, NPR's TotN is about Making Lists.)

Oh yeah, call the Aged Ps to see how their recovery is progressing.

Once the junque is organized, I can get out the gifty items and containerize them.

Had crab (NOM NOM NOM) with cat_herder last night. Made a yummy potato-mushroom-and-goat cheese eggy breakfast thing for breakfast. Am considering fighting the Trader Joe's crowds to get some Cioppino for my supper.



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Dec. 25th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)
that all sounds delightful.
merry christmas.
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