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Christmas Greetings

Happy merry to all. Hope you are enjoying the day.

I am just being a big slug resting in the bright winter sun. I needed a rest.

My big cooking plans, except for the stollen bread pudding, have come to naught; yesterday I was satisfied with a hummus roll-up instead of the steak and balsamic veggies I had purchased, and this morning my sinuses were acting up like whoa after last night's wind, so no stollen, eggnog latte, or egg-potato stuff. (Tea and toast pls.)

Called the Aged Ps and their recovery seems to be progressing. Dad allowed as how some roast turkey (instead of chicken soup) sounded pretty good to him right about now. Mom was out of bed and sitting by the fireplace in the living room, reading the paper when I called at 10 am.

Lots of singing at the church. idasusan's offertory solo this morning (The Wexford Carol) was simply lovely. I was a bit surprised when we sang "Do you hear what I hear?" as part of the carol service last night - and was more surprised when it worked well. Maybe it's just the cheezy renditions that I don't like much. (We sang it pretty straight.) I also didn't realize how well it worked as a metrical carol until I saw it printed out in front of me.

I didn't love all the music but even the duds beat the praise-band rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" I got last Christmas. arrrrggghhhhh

Anyway, time to have some soup, and take a nap.
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