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cat_herder saves Christmas!

I stopped at the Walgreen's near work on my way home, the better to purchase necessary things.

Unfortunately I managed to slam the door shut on the seatbelt. Tried unlocking, examined again, bagged the idea of shopping and went home, driving verra verra VERRA carefully. (No seatbelt.)

Called the Herder of Cats, who is a Most Excellent Butch and lives nearby. Fortunately she was free, and showed me the trick - use your legs to POOOOSH. *Sproing* TADAAAAH.

The reason I say that she saved Christmas was that I was planning to have my delayed one tomorrow and I was NOT going to be driving to Sacramento without a seatbelt.

All of the presents (except for the one King Arthur Flour forgot to include, whoops, that means a quickie trip to Surly Table on the way out of town) are located, as is the box supply. I am, however, zapped and am checking in undercover RIGHT NOW.
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