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Happy Epiphany/Twelfth Night!

This morning saw me in my kitchen baking. I didn't have to but it felt good to do it. I made orange-cranberry bread and then some artichoke dip (trying out the fabulous helgarde's tip of using frozen, not canned, hearts). The sun even cooperated during part of the process.

It was early Sunday morning and I was baking something. Systems appear to be normal. ;-)

The only hitch was that the centers wouldn't finish (well, that and I started late) so I ended up doing my drop off just as everyone was arriving for service. No discreet in and out. No, I didn't stay, you already know I'm crazy, right? If I'd been better I would have done lemon bars (I have a lot of lemons right now) and some form of "King cupcakes". I hate missing High Holy Days but I wasn't up for staying. This also may have been one of the rare occasions where the incense (if it got used) would have been too much of a good thing. *wheeze* *cough* *gasp*

The cold is making me snotty in more ways than one. I guess I'm spending more time on the intarwebz so am seeing more stupidity ... and responding to it. :/

I actually prepared my breakfast (lunch, more like, as I had a piece of coffee hour pannetone for breakfast) and dinner from reasonably resembling scratch: lunch was an egg scramble with red bells, mushrooms, and some of those artichokes on a naan, and dinner was tacos with leftover chicken, red bells, avocadoes, onions, and tomatoes. Something in the dinner was pretty histamine-producing but it tasted pretty good.

Dishwasher has been reloaded, so the sink is close to clean. I think this means that I should go to bed early and hope for a whole day at work tomorrow - I am going to bail in advance from my EFM class though.
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