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Chia Update

The week before Christmas saw one Chia Thing after another being soaked in the sink in the breakroom, to the point where I threatened to put up a sign saying "Chia Ninja: You'll never see it coming". This was a mini-"war" between one of my cohorts and some of the folks in Finance.

I was sick after New Year's, but on Friday when I was in the office briefly, Chia Shrek was ensconced on his display perch by the AA's file cabinets, with a head of hair that looked more Don-King-Finds-The-Punk-Hair-Color than Shrek.

But he had a (printed) first prize ribbon affixed under him!

(I wonder what panel of office worthies they roped in to do the judging. One of the reasons I'll miss them when I'm gone.)

No pix, it was all cleared away when I got in today.
Tags: humor, work

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