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Thanks to the clever people at the Mutts community, I now have a very schniffy Mooch from today's comic. This had the "By Patrick O'Donnell" in the original so mad skillz were employed.

I am still a snot factory but this morning I could sing most heartily when I felt like it (themagdalen said that singing gospel music killed germs and she went to seminary So It Must Be True) and this afternoon I found I was able to laugh without dissolving in a coughing fit. I wasn't so lucky this morning, during the sermon and at other various times.

Baby B is now lurching around on two legs - pews are still wonderful places that provide lots of grabby bits to him. (He still needs support to get from point A to point B.) Mags, you may wish to include babysitters in those calculations so you at least have someone to distract him while you pack. :D

Much housecleaning this afternoon in anticipation of Real Cleaners coming in. Kitchen is much clearer, bed still needs some work, laundry is in progress and I am hoping that Thursday is clear so the recycling can go OUT OUT OUT.
Tags: church, dailiness, friends, the dreaded lurgy

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