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As some of you know, my cell phone has been missing from my life recently. This is not particularly wonderful because I have people calling me about jobs based on my updated resume on careerbuilder. I also put it as the contact phone for hot meals this week (oops).

Yesterday I was madly trying to tie up the loose ends at the now former salt mines. One of the loose ends were the "Buy ten get one free" lunch cards good at the cafe in the building. I was going to give them to a co-worker because I always saw him down there. I knew I had two cards and had found one, but was determined to dig and dig through the purse through the other.

Guess what was at the bottom? Yes, I had *looked* in the purse, but hadn't emptied it out. Until then.

I heard my grandmother's "If it had been a snake it would have bit you" and laughed at my silly stressed self.

I was pretty happy to see it, as you might imagine. Next phone I get should have a gps so I can figure out where I put it ;).
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