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Those of you who have known me for a while will be pleased to learn that not only did I bake lemon bars for last Sunday's evensong, I had the following constructive kitchen activities this week.

* Made spaghetti sauce on Monday night and baked spaghetti squash. Stuck with it even when the fan turning on for the oven turned my half-hour sauce into a 1.25 hour project. I even chopped the mirepoix my own self.

* Made cornmeal cereal for breakfast on Wednesday with stone ground meal - half hour project. (This was in imitation of the polenta cereal I had got from the Whole Paycheck breakfast bar on Monday, which was a mighty good winter breakfast.) I tried it in the microwave on Saturday but it was not as successful - I think it will be with less water.

* Fried potato chunks for my breakfast Thursday instead of using the TJ's frozen for some potatoes-and-eggs.

Not bad considering that I had late nights at work most days this week and was still kinda snotty and sneezy and wheezy from the Creeping Crud.

I'm going to try mashed potato, spaghetti squash, and smooshed bean quesadillas tomorrow for lunch or dinner based on an idea from food_porn. I also have bacon now and still have potatoes so will try assembling breakfast burritos to my preference - the Whole Foods ones are great, and filling (on Saturday it kept me going all through my soup kitchen shift), but my "I can do this myself for a lot less" instincts are kicking in.

I also really will make the Italian wedding soup with the meatballs in my fridge. I think I can approach chicken soup again ;).

I will also probably make some mini-quiches and freeze them for the Annual Meeting luncheon on Sunday.

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