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Baby it's cold outside

I hauled myself into SF this morning for an agency interview.

Plus: Got to try Beard Papa cream puffs (ok, would have liked to been able to try caramel filling)
Plus: Museum of Craft and Folk Art: Free Tuesday admission!
Plus: all this cool new stuff between Powell BART and St Patrick's

Minus: no solid jobs @ agency
Minus: cream puff+eclair == Oakland Booty maintenance plan even counting the "walking around in the cold and climbing stairs" factor
Minus: spent $ in gift store (it was for the chilllldrunnn though, big plus)

Big Minus: frackin cold out (you non-Californians can laugh at me and my thin blood) and raining off and on. Went home, ate, and crawled under the covers to warm up.

I am going to bed early and will hop on the neglected tasks tomorrow morning.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Mmmmm beard papa...

the chocolate kinda ruins me to the core...but their strawberry is redemptive:)