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Baby steps

I haven't gotten any closer to making soup, but I did manage to accomplish the following today:

* unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
* pitched all the expired broth from the upper shelf
* thawed out puff pastry
* pinged the references to tell them I was back looking
* sent updated resumes to some recruiters I'd worked with
* went through Dice looking
* updated search terms on Dice and started daily emails (fewer hits than before but better targeted)
* checked craigslist
* sent out a real live resume/cover to something on craigslist that is a good match for both my skills and at first glance what I want in a company.

Most of this is stuff I had hoped to the last couple of days but I got distracted. I guess not wanting to go out in the rain (and not having to for appointments or for lack of groceries) has had its advantages. Anyway the laptop feels nice and warm on my legs!


* ping rest of known recruiters
* send refs
* see if I can apply to all career builder saved jobs
* start working thru the saved dice jobs
* keep checking
* shopping for weekend activities (TJ's, cheese borg, costco?)
* make mini-quiches and freeze
* check the lemon supply


* farmer's market
* make lemon bars and blueberry buckle for Sunday

when I get over the hump with some of this, and/or it warms up some:

* pedicure
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