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Blinded by the light

The sun was actually out yesterday morning when I went to work ... surprising given the weather lately. Since I was driving in about half an hour earlier than usual, it actually blinded me on my short eastwards jog over to Sacramento Street.

And it was out when I woke up today - very pleasant after last weekend's endless fog. So I hope to have a nice sunny day of house and minor garden chores and lounging around to detox from a truly awful week at work. I am not even rushing off to North Berkeley to shop today because the Cheese Board is on vacation and so is Fatted Calf at the Farmer's Market. I have tomatoes and a couple of peaches and other food in the fridge. I will think about swinging by the FM or the Bowl later in the week. Today is my day of rest.

I should have returned my shoes as Zappo's sent me the wrong kind of boots (which are mega-cute, but not what I ordered), but I was not organized enough to print out the return forms in time and I don't wanna go back in there. Have to tomorrow, will try to remember so I can bring the package in to work.

I am on call this weekend, so might get stuck back in the basement yet, but unlike the last call weekend, I didn't get called at six am Saturday ... actually have got coffee and a shower in. (That weekend was a new low.)

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