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Once again ...

The sun comes out on an overcast day, just in time to go down again. I enjoyed it in the kitchen as I was making my late lunch. This is at least an improvement on last week.

Maggie has discovered that the laptop is warm and has also discovered that if she lets me use it, I don't kick her off.

I am going downtown to vote tomorrow and visit the old office. I need to pay my COBRA bill and might swing by the Food Bank for volunteer work orientation, but will definitely go to Restaurant Supply and buy trays.

I got a good prospect from an agent I'm working with - actually, if I hadn't been all grumpy last week because of the rain, I would have sent a query letter to that place, as it was started by someone I used to work with at Chiron.

I seem to be a bit more motivated on coffee-with-sweetened-condensed-milk, so I will bite the bullet and order some size 10s from Land's End as that means I will not be losing this weight any time real soon. I seem to have given the non-wool 10s away a few years back but I did find a second pair of jeans. (Still blue though so ordering Black Stealth Jeans is on the cards.)
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