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Signs of the times

I had a double dose of Mild Healthful Exercise today. I walked to the Homemade for breakfast (while the housecleaners were here) and then to the copy place on University this afternoon.

On both of my WALKIES I saw houses that were in apparently foreclosure with big signs on them; one saying "Auction" and the other with the broker's name and number, and smaller "no trespassing" signs over it.

Both of them look like neat little houses that have at least had a fresh coat of paint and their lawns mowed.

The windows on the second one are close enough to the street (for locals, it's on one of the corners of my street and Bancroft) that I could indulge my habit of looking in and seeing what the house plan looked like ;). But it was slightly unsettling - literally "too close to home".

In other news I was a bit grumpy about suitable job listings seeming to dry up (I am working valiantly through my backlog and there's not a lot of frontlog to replace it), and a lot of Hurry up and Wait from agents, but when I got back in I did get a call to schedule a phone interview. So, some movement.

Last week I opened up a letter from EDD to find The Dreaded Looking for Work log and command-to-interview. I was grumpy then, because it would have been nice to at least be approved before telling them what I was doing, nu? It's not like last time when they interviewed me for suitability. But when I was cleaning off the bed last night I found that I had been (and for the max amount). At least they got me this time, when I'm far more motivated far earlier in the process. I have something to report, even if I'm still way grumpy about the prospect of hauling myself out to airport-land to tell them I'm doing it.
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