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I have *two* interviews tomorrow - one on the phone, one in person (having passed the Dread Phone Screen, which was just now). And to think I was grumping on Monday afternoon about not much happening. ;)

Gainful-employment vibes sent my way would be much appreciated. (In Japanese culture, the cat is not waving "kiss your money goodbye", but "come to momma".)

I think I'm going to do research/prep instead of sending out more resumes today. ;)

In other news Mr Benjamin Baby most definitely is charging around upright, although he still crawls pretty fast when speed is desired. He took quite a shine to Maggie (who does have a fan club among the neighborhood children) and she was pretty patient with his shenanigans, including the ObBigTailGrab. No hissy growly scratchy - just HideyCat/"get me out of here". He was better when I was able to run interference and guide his hand - "gentle, gentle, pat the cat". Enjoyed talking to Ms Mags in between tasks (like, OMG I left the cat's bowl on the floor and the baby is heading towards it with a hungry look in his eyes ... or, things I don't have to worry about very often).
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