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My brakes were making occasional odd noises. And it was time for an oil change anyway. So off to the mechanic it went.

I have been without it for three days as one of the tires decided to deflate on Sunday night and the tech did not want to do his testing with the donut spare (makes a difference in AWD cars). If I'd had the car, I would have hauled myself to Albany Tire and got a replacement. Next time I reschedule and get the tire dealt with first.

Unfortunately it made the noise again within a mile of the dealership. I will probably call Automasters for a consultation. My temperature gauge sensor is apparently broken too but they did not replace it as I really needed the car back.

I did learn interesting things, like how long it takes me to get to the BART station. It was good exercise (about a mile each way and three flights of stairs at North Berkeley to street level). I also was walking home during dog-walking hour, which was amusing. One of my neighbors takes his guitar when he takes his dog out and plays and sings his way around. That made me smile.

I should probably consider doing semi-regular BARTing for exercise while the dry season holds. I do need to be better organized about reading material though.