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LOLCat Friday (and Thursday night)

I can has new phone? Yes, I can has new phone, with address book transferred.

I can has pink phone? NOOOOO they be keeping the pink phones for the webz customers. (Actually I should be able to call customer service and get one. We'll see.)

I can has credit card? FINALLY. (The org changed where they mailed it from.)

I can has exercise? Yep - downtown and back, Bread Workshop and back. What a beautiful day for a walk, I'll take two.

(Note to locals: going to the Bread Workshop at 3 pm on a weekday means that the place is full of energetic schoolchildren from the Montessori school with minimal adult supervision. I can has headache, especially since there was a mini antiwar protest on the corner outside and people were tooting their horns in support. But I has chikken, and reserved the day-old bread for tomorrow.)

The cats were snoozing on the sofa in close proximity again this afternoon without causing drama. Lucy was even seen to groom Maggie's tail. I should try the new camera phone out on them.

Last night it was "nooooo they be takin my wine" at the seminary, which has every other community night "dry", the better to discourage the darker side of boozy Anglicanism. But I got over it ;). The lamb dinner was tasty if a bit Englishly overdone for my taste (some red wine would have really improved it, I fear) and the ever talented Mr. (soon to be Dr.) stjeromes had laid in a supply of Chuck at home.

I watched the baby do his new tricks (more than just walking! he is a big clever boy!) and then shortly after he went down for the count, I toodled myself home to dreamland.

I did get some job stuff in today, if not the three hours I needed to "catch up" to my weekly total, at least I sent three queries/resumes out. Did get another lead on a long-term contract out of it. Will try to get the backlog totally dealt with on Sunday afternoon. I got a late start today, but was rested and happy after a nice chapel experience and some quality time with friends.

Tonight's dinner will be roast chicken and Asian coleslaw. Will probably make an early night of it because tomorrow will be busy.
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