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Clever plans foiled

Well, my Clever Plan to avoid the incoming weather system by showing up at Joe the Trader's and the Cheez Borg when they opened has been foiled by the weather itself.

I shall still go out - as I am out of Qat Fud, and down to two eggs, both of which are Food Crises in this household - but I shall have to be prepared, that is all.

The temp possibility that I was excited about Friday night appears to be something that I may have already been presented for. BOO HISS. Lose-lose. I will check with the agent today. I have to admit that I am concerned that if something I don't already have in the pipeline doesn't pop, it might be a while.

And someone has been taking my bucket (my food scraps bin). I am annoyed by this, as it took the idiots at the city an entire month to replace a stolen garbage can even though I am half a block from the city yard. (THIS sort of thing is why I get peeved at the City Council for playing around with foreign policy, dammit.)

My Less Snark Lent seems to be going well as far as LJ and the Ship are concerned, but I am utterly defeated by the usernetz. I caught myself responding to a post in AUK today - managed to save before sending ;). My snark beacon seems to be homing in elsewhere, although one of these incidents has helped me move through some recent business, which is a Very Good Thing.

OTOH, I did get a pedicure (with accompanying back massage courtesy of the Wonder Chair) yesterday when it was still dry. Feet are much happier than they've been for a while.

And last week (when I wasn't feeling like I was bombing interviews) really had some wonderful things going on in the mental housecleaning department, which is All Good.
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