Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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I am required to have my resume up on CalJobs to continue recieving benefits.

If it were a matter of signing up for an account and slapping my resume up there (even in text format), it would be done.

Instead it is one of the awkwardest interfaces I have seen in a while. It looks ok on preview, but sheesh, the designers should be taken out and dope-slapped.

I get all of five hundred CHARACTERS to describe what I did in my "work history". Squeezing my long-term jobs into 500 chars is difficult and leaves a hell of a lot specific that EMPLOYERS ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR IN MY PROFESSION out. (sorry for raising my voice there)

AND it ate the work history for Central I did the other day.


So instead of sending out resumes, I have to jump through EDD's stupid system hoops. AGAIN.

The only consolation is that there seems to be a feedback button (sweet smile) and I might have an in-person chance to give feedback tomorrow (sweeter smile).
Tags: farmgirl smash, job hunt

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