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I have sorta been Posty McPostalot lately, huh?

I just came in from the yard - took advantage of the break in the rain to prune my Austin roses some. (Better late than never - I really should have whacked on them in June.) The Gertrude Jekyll had some blooms, so rather than leave them to the ravages of the next rainstorm, I brought them in. One had a very short stem, so it is floating in a teacup. (Note to self: Find, or obtain, garden gloves.) I'm making small cuts because it's breaking dormancy and I want to avoid cutting the new growth off, so I'll have a lot more short roses this spring; giving it a proper prune after the primary bloom should put it right again, but it's doing well for being mostly neglected. (Oh, the joys of Old Garden Rose stock ;).

It also helped with the stress headache I managed to acquire today between dealing with the EDD's system stuff (all of that is sorted now, to finding my social security card for tomorrow) and the yard guys coming over and running loud machines out my window. (Some nice chai is helping with that too ;).

I've had some good spring pruning and spring housecleaning in my mental house recently; more on that when I'm able to prune my verbiage down some. Right now I'm annoyed by having to put 9 years of work experience in five hundred characters and 15+ years of skills in 200. ;)

My chef pal Shuna has had some great spring posts on her blog; please stop by and take a look (she has a LJ feed). It makes me want to book a weekend up at the Ranch, or visit my folks again and miss the turnoff going home like I did in August, and reconnect with the green beating heart of California.

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