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Errands day

I had two major errands today - a Must Show Up appointment with EDD, and getting my tires rotated by my primary care physician. Since I had to haul myself out to the vicinity of airport-land for EDD (that office backs up on the Coliseum south parking lots on Hegenberger), I rolled a couple of discretionary errands that were nearby into the trip.

After all the hoo-hah with the EDD online job system, my in-person appointment was incredibly quick and painless. I was in and out in 1/2 hour, and that counted signing up for the Alameda County job clubs, one of which is in Beautiful Downtown Berkeley. (It took me a while to find my DL, which made me laugh at myself ... "whoa, all that looking around for my social security/birth certificate and I didn't check that my DL was in my purse?") The staff were exceptionally courteous and friendly, to the point where I feel like writing their boss a "hey, you have nice people working for you, good job" letter.

It seriously took me longer to get my blood drawn after my dr's appointment - I had to wait in the lab for a while.

Talking to the doc had one of those "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle" moments. I mentioned that the only symptoms I was having after going off the BC pills was that I got "stress headaches" from noise more often. He started asking questions and said "it sounds like a form of migraine". Given the conversation we had, it's not surprising that I used to get them with some regularity when I worked in The Basement with a lot of LOUD people, loud equipment, and bad lighting (including the world's funkiest monitor - everyone's but mine got replaced on a regular basis). It's really cool after all this (short version is that one of These Headaches at work made me officially into a Problem Child afterwards) to have, you know, like an actual medical condition behind it. The knowledge would have done me some good at that time but better late than never.

He also wants to re-weigh me in four months to see how I'm doing with getting it back down to my regular.

I did fairly well finding the site of my interview on Monday (with driving shortcut) and managed to escape the Costco (ostensibly for Coffee Hour shopping) without too much damage (it is, at least, tax-deductible).

And when I was offloading some stuff at the church, I ran into Jennie, who lives in LA these days, but was back to do some of her work with people up here. That was an unexpected pleasure on a rainy Thursday.
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