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Yes, I *am* posting a lot this afternoon

I have interviews Monday morning and Tuesday morning (10 am each day). Spare "job-hunting" vibes appreciated if you've gottem. One is a year contract at a good rate, one is a perm job.

I'll be in my bunk ... brushing up on Exchange, because I haven't run a mail system in, oh, say, over a year.

No appointments tomorrow, although I will be doing a midday Shopping Run. And I am scheduled to do coffee hour but it is Lent, which means NO BAKING and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I need to start my Soupe du Marche now if I'm going to have it before seven (weight-loss plan says "eat dinner by six" but I'm pushing it out a wee bit). Soup is my plan, as breakfast and lunch were Mexican eggs a la Homemade - e.g. eggs scrambled with chorizo and chiles and served with a whackload of homefries - consumed at just around 11 am.
Tags: dailiness, job hunt

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