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Weekend misc

Yesterday morning I had a hankering for waffles, thanks to zyzyly. themagdalen had reported favorably on her waffle experience at the Homemade, so to the Homemade I hauled myself (walkies because it wasn't raining). Yum.

It stayed dry during the rest of my Errand Run in the morning, including getting over to the church to drop the 10# bag of oranges, other groceries, and the clean laundry off. I could not find a sufficiently close spot to the Farmer's Market without needing to hunt, so I took that as a sign that I didn't need the sack of potatoes that I was planning to get right now and kept driving homewards. When I finally settled down to studying my Exchange book in the afternoon, it was raining and blowing hard. I was Most Glad I wasn't out in it.

Having most of the stuff Already There was a most excellent thing this morning, too; I could concentrate on things like, oh say BREAKFAST and a SHOWER instead of hauling and schlepping (or getting up early to bake). It's intense enough, because my usual partner has bad short-term memory retention due to an accident that almost killed him, and he has to be constantly reminded of things. Next time I'll remember to ask him if a check list would help, but it was a relatively easy day today. My only "arrgh!" was that a lot of people with their wet feet insisted on going through the kitchen to exit the hall, making the floor verreh slippeh (this was partly ameliorated by opening another of the French doors). I get kind of anxious when people wander through the kitchen when I'm working, so this didn't help.

Huge amount of leftovers from Coffee Hour, part because of my feed-the-world tendencies, and part because, well, it was nasty and wet today so a lot of people stayed home.

I resisted the temptation to take the Goldfish home and divided it up. The Feed the Grad Students, Feed the Janitor (I always try to be nice to janitors, they are good people), and Feed the Coffee Hour Partner projects were put in motion.

I need to go check the Food Drive bins (and fill them with the stuff I got) and schlep various things around at the church, but I just wanted to get home; will go in Tues afternoon after I get back from my interview in SF, or Wednesday.
Tags: church, dailiness, feeding the multitudes

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