Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Wednesday afternoon

Feeling very springlike. Down to single layer (warmish single layer, but still) dressing.

* hang out a little bit to see if the reschedule of the reschedule of the reschedule is happening this afternoon

* take clean church laundry back to church

* inspect food drive bins at church and move dry goods out of bottom while I'm there

* Berkeley Bowl for cream, potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, maybe eggs and/or meat, tomatoes and green beans if they look good (no 10# bags of oranges in the cards). Maybe nanners to have with blueberries in yogurt. And oh yeah the olive bar. :D

* Trader Joe's for cat food, chocolate, Grand Marnier, surprisingly tasty green juice, chai-in-the-box (can wait if cat food at B Bowl is passable)

* call Alta Bates for mammo appointment

* find dr referral for mammo (wow, I got an appointment for tomorrow!)

* send out some resumes

* clean off the dining room table, which has refilled itself with kitchen equipment that belongs elsewhere

* make either spaghetti sauce or minestrone (prob. minestrone as it will get the chard out of the fridge and I can use some of the bargain zucchini in it)

* roast winter squash for either minestrone or chilaquiles with corn, squash, and beans to use up corn tortillas

* unload and reload dishwasher

* start on some freezer items for parties coming up, and type up mini-quiche recipe for church lady pal (oh hai miss mags - you want a demo? and no, i'm not just doing this because you're moving)

* post lemon bar recipe to food_porn
Tags: dailiness

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