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Nothin' like waiting till the last minute

I could have been straightening out the SANS recertification thing all over the intarwebs, well, once I had a credit card again. I thought I had to call, but they have a convenient "how to re-up" page. Duh. (Ayse, I apparently have the "too damn stupid" token at the moment.)

Hopefully I will get the two portal accounts (previous was in my old w*rk email) merged by tomorrow so I can re-reg and order books. Which I lost in the divorce ;).

In other news, I got the Tits in a Tortilla Press thing done - no fainting, yay - and filled out a hr test thingie for the prospective employer. Cleaned up the listings and will send out some resumes tomorrow. (Sent one out today.) This interviewing thing cuts into my resume time ;).

Went to Trader Joe's (the cats hate the food I bought at the Bowl yesterday), Borders (book on Exchange 2007), and got a burger at the Public Market.

It is a gorgeous day here and a time of year when the city's hard-assed stance on street trees shows off to amazing advantage. If one walks or drives down flowering plum blocks right about NOW, one is greeted by a sea of pink blossoms. My own block is not a flowering plum block, but there are several nearby, including the cross street I need to drive on because the other cross street is blocked off for some sort of public works project during the day.

Has anyone on my f-list here had first hand or good second hand experience with getting a bone density scan run? Mine has been approved, so I will try to schedule it asap, but if they're going to stick me in an MRI machine, I need to know beforehand ;).

Tomorrow besides resume and SANS stuff: email altar guild about Easter plans, do some cooking (I'm down to raw materials!), scoop up truffles, clean off my bed.
Tags: around town, dailiness, health, job hunt

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