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The SANS certificate has expired, without my signing up for the retake, (which is now a six hour proctored exam, eek), because the accounts didn't get combined in time.

Been mopey most of the day because of it. Haven't heard from the 3-interview company.

Sent off some resumes, and awarded myself with some divine peanut butter shortbread I bought on an impulse at the Bowl (deep discount - a $.99 box of good cookies was too much for my willpower). Man, that was good. I'm trying to save a couple for b (if he is permitted to try peanut butter) because it was like eating a peanut butter cloud. Light and airy and oh so good. Whodathunk?

Got into high gear late in the afternoon - talked with recruiter about a prospect, and while I was dinking around with my careerbuilder stuff, found a job listing I missed, that looks tailor-made for me. And I know someone who works there (two people, as it turns out, but one is in London). So I shot off a LinkedIn email explaining the situation. My SF contact likely knows people in the group.

I had not been interested in doing much in the kitchen, but for some reason after this I was motivated to go in there and chop. Italian meatball soup (sort of a cross between Italian wedding and minestrone) is simmering away. I was pondering this as I chopped - I was a busy cook late last week when I had the prospects lined up for this week, too. I wonder if I can jump-start the process in the other direction - busy in the kitchen means motivated to go out there and work the network, and/or spend computer time in studying instead of, say, checking Ebay. ;)

I did update my LinkedIn profile so my contacts will at least see that I did. Tomorrow I need to seriously edit down my "summary", but that's enough work on that for one day.
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