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I am continuing to get calls about jobs. I am quite astonished, as putting my resume up on Dice during my previous round really did not have that effect at all and it was, I think, a better market. I learned a couple of Cool New Things at the last gig but not that much, I think. It was mostly doin' the voodoo that I do, although at the higher end of my skillset and getting a bit more credit for knowing stuff/cleanup. Am I just packaging myself a bit better on paper? Anyway, *BOGGLE*. Dude, wtf? I feel more confident about my skills (having gotten Praise instead of Smackdown during their exercise) but confidence does not equate to Phones Ringing Like Crazy, Man.

I did have a couple of repeats - yesterday I got a call about the job I decided not to pursue in SF, and today I got a call from someone about an employer I know to require an MCSE instead of "equivalent experience" (which may be why they are STILL LOOKING - I got pinged about them when I started this round of the process).

I had to change my phone ringer because the "classic telephone noise" was giving me a headache because it was going on so much.

I also just got a call from my regular agency about a job out in Concord.

And email from an Ex-Cohort via LinkedIn.

I also managed to survive a phone interview and be invited in for the next round.

Miss Mags, I am trying to preserve Lunch Hour tomorrow but it may be touch and go. Will let you know.

At the rate the phone is ringing I might have trouble slipping into the shower before my trip to SF. (I have 3 hours to shower, dress, call back the ex-cohort, eat lunch, and try to take care of some other business, some of which may need to wait till tomorrow morning.)

And I won't have trouble filling out the EDD form (yes, I have to go in again next week, didn't I just do this, WTF?)

hmmm ... might try a shower run ... phone hasn't rung in 15 minutes ... ;)
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