Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Survived first week

I've been hobbling around, after doing the reception for Evensong that turned out to have about 300 people attending (thank you so much to idasusan and the rest of the crew). I did get a chance to experience the music they were all there to hear and do, without being either in a "bad seat" or overtired from bustling about. Glorious!

But I have a window cube at my new job (*happy dance*) and the only "extra" noise is the airplanes taking off - not all go overhead, so it's not constant.

Thursday was The Day Nothing Worked Right, which was frustrating. On Friday my boss figured out why my Blackberry wasn't initializing, a project which had occupied me and another admin for a while. And other things started working right. Started feeling like a productive sysadmin again. Will ask for a phone headset, as long conference calls are not unknown.

Still a lot to learn - I can sympathize with b when he gets that "I'm processing here" look on his face, because I'm so there. I have a list of Important Acronyms and Important Sites on my wall, and am working out Which Servers Go Where (especially the apps servers, which my group ends up updating frequently - one of the main apps is five servers per site).

Still getting calls and mails - took my resume off Dice, so might catch up shortly.

Head has hurt. Think this is a combo of processing information and sinus rather than the noise factor. Have meds, so will see how they work tonight (soup kitchen gets LOUD). Having nap shortly. :D

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