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Wardrobe malfunctions, etc.

No boycott here. I was busy being Church Lady. I am very happy that I scheduled in a pedicure and some foot care early Thursday (themagdalen and I both have fab toes) because I would probably need to borrow a cane by this point if I hadn't.

Note to self: remember to eat a good breakfast, even if it is Good Friday, because you have low blood sugar (all together now: YOU DUMBASS).

My mood yesterday was not assisted by my second pair of jeans finally giving up the ghost while I was in them. I had brought a sweater but had hoped to place it on my shoulders against the chill of the interior of the building instead of wrapping it around my waist.

Things got a bit better after I got home, finished off the meatball soup in my fridge, and changed into the intact pair of jeans. I made a run to Tar-gay for peanut butter cups for the Massive Cookie Production in progress and ended up with a lot of Easter candy and Pepperidge Farm cookies to supplement the Easter coffee hour offerings. (I also now have some nifty trays for devilled eggs for the next time I am insane enough to produce them en masse.) The service last night was wonderful and pulled me back to center, as it were.

I was at the church earlier to do setup and left just before another ObBloodSugarCrash to go off to Cheese Borg and then to Fatapple's (because I wanted a burger pretty badly by that point). While I was tucking into my fries, I solved the issue of what to wear tonight, so I figured my brain was starting to function along normal lines.

Time now for a pre-service nap - will do dishes and dip truffles when I get up (and possibly do another round of peanut butter cup cookies) and am contemplating a quickie shower or at least soaking my feet.
Tags: church, dailiness, holidays, i am a goofball

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