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Out of pocket

I have been on call this week. Between the robocalls and the system release stuff at weird hours (I was in at 4:30 am today) I am feeling the strain. If you are trying to reach me please try my email; the phone (any phone) is really not my friend right about now. If I had room for themagdalen's "flatened" or "out of order" icons I would probably be using it now.

Note to cat_herder: the release people apparently are that screwball. My boss has given me permission to push back hard for both last minute and stuff that doesn't copy him. (He has agreed with me that he is the one who should be assigning me projects. ;)

I as of today have the new phone for the person who used to have my Berry, although I really wish his friends (and recruiters! on a work cell phone! for pete's sake) would stop calling it. I have the volume up loud for on-call so it's pretty jarring when I get a call. And, no, I don't want to chat with you, I'm at work. I have been low blood sugar enough to not try purring "I guess you weren't important enough to get the new number" ;).

On the plus side, I'm home, the two important pieces of paper have been located, I have TJ's food against the Dread Low Blood Sugar (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), my feet are feeling better, and I have had a fa-bu-lous haircut. So Things are Looking Up.

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