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I shouldn't laugh, but I am

Continuing the Inherited Cell Phone Saga:

I got a call from an office # at 8 pm tonight. As Mr. Berry was buzzing merrily with urgent alerts, I thought the chance that the call might ACTUALLY BE FOR ME was very good.

I bobbled the buttons and the call went to VM. So I needed to go through ALL the messages.

Apparently the water meter at a property that Previous Holder owns in Reno was going completely nuts ... gallons and gallons. Several urgent calls from meter readers and the property manager.

Which of course I didn't get at the time because it was Good Friday and I had MY phone OFF.

I realize that it's tough to get some places to update their records (I think the vet still thinks my Chiron # is my work phone) and my Western soul cringes at the loss of so much water ... but OOOOOPS.

(I guess that's why I have the # now. ROFL.)

In other news, it was Release Manager phoning (yes, that's right, at 8 pm on a day I did work at 4:30 am) to ask me about availability for a systems thing next week ... some claim that HelpdeskPerson had sent out email (which I didn't get, but maybe it went to BossMan). This was after I sent the polite "do not contact me individually, keep my boss in the loop" email. I suspect BossMan will push back harder. ;)