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What I did yesterday

Well, after I bought the ice and scooped the truffles and made the punch and did a few other things in the kitchen. The spread was impressive even by our standards thanks to some combined efforts.

After I had helped the Youngest Guest of Honor catch a few (he gets that one is supposed to laugh when one does this. What a clever boy he is). Mad props to gramma-in-situ idasusan for coming up with that idea.

(Forgot to ask if it was ok to borrow a pic of him in his party finery so I'll leave it with the Church Ladies for now.)

The combo of getting up early, running around (with and without kids around), and the champagne and Most Excellent Food knocked me out. Went home and slept; woke up too late to go to something else I had on the calendar, faffed around for a bit, and then went back to sleep.