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"Tomorrow is another day"

Yesterday afternoon was totally FIRED. Too much going on at once. I was trying to be Sysadmin but I had people expecting me to be Desktop Monkey and Programmer Support at the same time. To top that off, my Sysadmin ventures were not completely successful (although it was definitely I Know How To Fix This for Next Time).

A new hire starts Monday. I had the machine built and the account done. But the network guys had not been informed that he needed a phone. Why? Well apparently the "policy" is that the excel spreadsheet with the info gets forwarded around in the ticket system. Unfortunately I neither have a working account in the ticketing system or actual training in it (including policy). The whole thing would make me stomping mad but we keep getting told that a new system is coming in any day now. "Would you like to see a flow chart?" I refrained from telling Mr Helpdesk guy (who has apparently not clued in that my software is borked) exactly what he could do with his flow chart. Boss man (and Helpdesk Guy's new boss lady) know that various processes are borked so I will bring my concerns up with them.

Release/programmers apparently think I am their personal support monkey. Got a direct call - "we're going to try some stuff with X and wondered if you were available in case we needed something restarted". No, actually, I'm not, because I have Sysadmin Outage and then have to set this new PC up. Contact the team. There are five of us now. Scolding (of release team) by boss man ensues after I send a message out in email to the team (which is what release guy should have done in the first place).

Big Computer Company is totally fired for not having the driver I needed at the last minute in anything but an ISO file format (e.g. I would have to burn a CD to be able to pull the file out - it wasn't on the other CD I burned), and for having a site that is remarkably difficult to navigate. (Like, making it impossible for me to find out that I needed to pull these other drivers out beforehand.)

It all got better when I got home. A Kahlua truffle helped lighten my mood considerably. Then I went to serenejournal's and got fed excellent lasagna, salad, and home made ice cream (two kinds, WOOT). I brought some wine and truffles and enjoyed them with my meal. I slept well and am looking forward to taking a pastry class from the one, the only Chef Shuna Fish Lydon of eggbeater.

Gotta go. I have to go to the bank for my ROTH IRA and get breakfast before noon so it's time to boogie.
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