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an excellent spring weekend

For the first time in I don't know how long, I went up to the Russian River Valley. Used to go wine-tasting and apple-eating and garden-shopping there fairly often but got out of the habit.

It was a glorious day.

Destination was the new-to-them vacation house on the river of two of my EFM buddies in Monte Rio. I once went from Sebastopol to Healdsburg without using the interstate but had not been through Guerneville and Monte Rio before. The change from Apple Orchard land to Redwood Forest Primeval around about Forestville (which also pretty much coincided with my leaving the Old Hangout zone) was stunning.

Trip up was smooth except for the cut roses going oopsy-daisy when, as usual, the traffic on 101 south of Petaluma decided to stop randomly. (The non-perishables for coffee hour, which were in the front seat as well, got pretty wet. Seems to have not affected the baby Goldfish crackers, which all got consumed.) I also managed to avoid the Apple Blossom parade through downtown Sebastopol, although people were getting very ready for it.

Going home I took the less-scenic but speedier expedient of taking Guerneville Road to 101 instead of all the way back down 116.

I had been thinking of booking myself into the Bishop's Ranch for a combo of retreat and Sonoma getaway, but this was nice.
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