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The last three days have been intense. I just woke up from a long nap, which I seem to have needed. The short summary is:

Weds - did a crosstown errand before work that turned into the Morning Commute from Hell, including almost getting T-boned by someone pulling out almost into my space. When we were stopped at the next light, insult was added to near-injury by getting a chewing out from the person - "YOU WERE GOING TOO FAST I SHOULD TAKE YOUR LICENSE AND REPORT YOU".

Did not go to meditation class but literally phoned it in. We discussed "not taking it personally" which was highly timely.

Thurs - moderately quiet day at the office spent testing failovers, because the dock workers were taking the day shift off (you might have heard about this), but the routine system work in the evening blew up and literally took all night to fix.

Friday - sort of zoning around the office, relatively quiet day ... until one of the applications took a dump shortly after 4 pm. I was basically on phone calls from 4:40 to 7 pm and got phoned while I was driving home to answer a question ... that had already been answered in email. ("Did you see that in email?" "Dude, I'm driving, I haven't seen anything for half an hour.") And got asked again because the person didn't like the answer. (Might be worthy of techsupport if I still feel snarky.)

Today I didn't do much, although I did manage to significantly clean up the back room and make a kitty supply run for arrival of NewCat (!!!) tomorrow. I'm also trying to pick up the house because it's a freakin' mess.

It's been beautiful out lately. My Gertrude Jekyll rosebush is doing its annual spring explosion - I can smell the damask rose from inside the porch. Mmmmmm.
Tags: dailiness

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