Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Operation Eight Ball, continued

Subject was retrieved at airport at about 1630 yesterday. Installed in back bedroom at about 1715 (ballgame traffic).

Was shown food, water, box, toys and installed herself between the bed and the wall. (Thankfully close to the Feliway dispenser.) Did not seem exceptionally stressed as she accepted petting and returned blinkie-eyes when I looked over the headboard at her. Came out for some attention on second visit in but quickly returned to safe space. Yours truly decided to just let her work it out. Even the almost inflappable Maya spent the first day or so in this house sulking under the desk.

This morning she was not between the bed and the wall when I arrived; she had moved to the more comfortable space but still private space I set up under my makeshift bedside table and came out to greet me. I was groomed. Kibble and box appear to have gotten some action.

Lucy almost got in, as I seem to have forgotten to firmly close the second door behind me in the bathroom-to-bedroom airlock and the first door doesn't latch. Fortunately not, but I think she knows something is up. Maggie just wanted to go O-U-T.

Must find my grooming comb and give her a brush. She is in the midst of a powerful shed.
Tags: cats

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