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Kitty tales

Well, I had big plans on Thursday to spend the evening catching up with life, including working on kitty's integration into household.

Then something blew up at work to the tune of conference call with Microsoft support till 8 pm. I barely had time to look in and see how she was.

Maggie also got into the room during my brief look-in on Friday morning, hissing as she went until I scooped her up and pitched her out. Fortunately kitty was on the bed so there wasn't a direct confrontation. Otherwise she's been very purry and groomy with me.

Anyway. The backstory. Her name (currently - I am probably going to give her another one) is Ocho. She is a mostly-black tortoiseshell with medium hair. She's eight. She has a very deep voice - growly when she's upset, but the occasional rumble/gurgle otherwise.

Her previous family turfed her out - the official story is that Ocho was harming the family's baby, but I'm having trouble buying that because baby was < 6 mos and problems tend to arrive slightly later on*. The ever-fab Bronxelf organized kitty rescue so Ochita wouldn't be placed in a kill shelter (prospects for older cats are not good, as we all know). It's one of those very cool "internet community" things because lots of kind-hearted people kicked in money for the expenses of Foster Mom (including an anticipated plane ride to Forever Home).

Anyway, back to her adventures here. Maggie was out this morning and Lucy was snoozing in The Cat Tower of Gondor. I was making pancakes for my breakfast when I heard a BAT-BAT-BAT at the back bedroom door into the kitchen. So I pitched Lucy onto the sun porch and let Ocho sniff the house. She explored the whole thing and only growled when she got to one toy that is covered in Lucy-hair. She spent quite a bit of time on the front window ledge - that thing is definitely made for cats. She's back in the back room now. Plan for the weekend is to clear out the clothes hanging off the doors enough so that I can move the two indoor cats around.

I was thinking of getting a baby gate so I could block off the kitchen - didn't matter if the cats could see and hiss at each other, as long as there was that fence, nu? It would get her out of the back room more. Not sure how effective that would be with my leapin' lizards pussycats, though.
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